Our Therapists

At Qi Rhythm we are passionate about nurturing and supporting  women, helping to encourage a healthy rhythm of self care and awareness throughout motherhood. All our therapists are qualified and experienced in pre and post-natal massage.



Mother of two beautiful children, Melanie has a passion and dedication for supporting women within their pregnancies and birthing experiences. Her experience and interests in women’s health and wellbeing inspired her to establish her own business. Qi Rhythm was born in 2004 out of a desire to create a supportive, pre and post-natal network for women.

After completing a Bachelor of Business at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Melanie studied massage at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, then specialising in pre and post-natal massage.

In 2005 Melanie continued her studies with Rhea Dempsey, renowned childbirth educator, becoming a qualified birth attendant. She has since supported many women through their labours in hospitals, birthing centres and at home. Melanie’s passion, sensitivity and vast experience enable her to support women with a gentle strength and quiet confidence; creating a safe and empowering space for labour.

Completing her training in 2009, Melanie also became a certified infant massage instructor and has since been teaching weekly at Freemasons Maternity hospital. She also teaches infant massage courses to individuals or groups in and around Melbourne.

Melanie completed Suzanne Yates Advanced Pregnancy Massage Course in 2014 at the Shiatsu College in Brunswick. In 2018 Melanie has upgraded her massage training from Therapeutic to a Diploma of Remedial Massage at The Collective Wellness Institute in Hawthorn.

Member: M.M.A



Anja was the first practitioner to join the Qi Rhythm team over ten years ago. Completing her training at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, she has over fifteen years experience working with pre and postnatal women. She is also a qualified naturopath, completing her Bachelor of Health Science at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. With a great interest in pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal care, she is passionate about supporting women and helping to strengthen and restore the body.

With her background in Naturopathy Anja weaves her knowledge and work in this area into her treatment process, offering a very holistic and nurturing approach. With her deep nurturing strokes and strong confident hands, she always finds those knots you never knew you had.

In 2018 Anja has undertaken further study to complete her Remedial Massage Diploma at The Collective Wellness Institute. Continuing study is always wonderful, it awakens and reminds us of the passion we hold within us to support women during this transitional time.

Member M.M.A



Cecilia is a Remedial Massage Therapist with a passion and deep love for pregnancy and birth.

In 2012, she specialised in pregnancy, post natal and high risk pregnancies with Susanne Yates, and in 2014, she completed the advanced pregnancy massage course. She has done extensive training in Shiatsu therapy and is a certified pediatric massage instructor.

In 2015, Cecilia pursued her dreams to become a Doula with the renowned Doula, Childbirth Educator and Counselor Rhea Dempsey. Cecilia has a keen interest in human rights and social justice, she volunteers with a highly inspiring Melbourne-based non-profit organisation called Birth for Human Kind. Within this role she supports refugees, asylum seekers and socially disadvantaged people with her doula skills.

She is also trained in spinning babies, enabling her to perform rebozo techniques and provide different positions for the pregnant woman, facilitating the best position in the pelvis for the baby in preparation for labour and birth.

Cecilia focuses her treatments in a holistic and integrated way. She incorporates breathing and movement in her treatments, facilitating a gentle opening of the muscles and tissues of the body with a philosophy of mindfulness. She has a deep tissue style drawing on Western techniques and Eastern principles and philosophies. Her experience, passion and intuition make her massage treatments therapeutic and relaxing.

Member: M.M.A



Junko is both a Remedial Massage therapist and Shiatsu practitioner who has lived in Melbourne for 12 years. Junko obtained her Diploma of Remedial Massage & Diploma of Shiatsu Massage from East West Natural Therapy College in Melbourne in 2012. Junko has did her pregnancy massage training through Pregnancy Massage Australia and in 2018 she completed the Suzanne Yates’ Advanced Pregnancy and Post-natal Course for high-risk pregnancies.

Originally from Japan, Junko’s deep interest in natural therapy & holistic work began from an early ageJunko used to massage her grandmother and discovered the nurturing effect, both emotionally and physically that massage can have on the body. Junko grew up surrounded by a hectic family business environment, which was both rewarding but also very demanding. This inspired her to want to help people unwind from their stressful activities of daily living and bring about a positive change in their work and home lives.

Junko has been working in a busy clinic for the past 5 years here in Melbourne. During this period she has treated many pregnant and post natal clients. Through this work she has developed a love and passion for women’s health and wellbeing, however in this she sees the importance in looking after the partners of women too.

Junko is a very passionate massage therapist with a warm and sincere approach. Her therapeutic style is a combination of Eastern (Shiatsu) and Western (Remedial) techniques. Junko’s careful treatments support your body’s natural ability to deal with stress. Her aim is to increase each client’s inner vitality, leaving them feeling grounded, calm and light, with an overall improvement in their wellbeing.

 Member: M.M.A



Amy has been a qualified remedial massage therapist for over 12 years. She completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Nature Care College in Sydney, and in 2014 she went on to train in both Pregnancy Massage and Infant Massage. Amy is also a mother of two gorgeous children and knows first hand the intricate changes within the body that take place during pregnancy and beyond.

Amy has always had an interest in supporting and caring for people’s physical and emotional wellbeing, especially women. However since having children it has awakened a deeper interest and passion to support women and their families at this special and unique time. The body’s natural ability to adjust and thrive is what inspires Amy’s passion for this field of massage.

Over the years Amy has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. She has a holistic massage approach to nurture, prepare and truly support the ever changing body during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Amy is easy to connect with and makes her clients feel safe and comfortable.She works with each client confidently, and has a lovely massage style and a keen intuition to help each client reach their wellness goals.

 Amy has spent the last 8 years running a massage business in Sydney and Newcastle and has recently relocated back to the city she grew up in, Melbourne.

Member: A.T.M.S



Linda completed her studies in Remedial Therapies at the Australian College of Natural Medicine Melbourne in 2000. She has both a Diploma of applied Science in Remedial Therapies and a Certificate IV in Reflexology.

Linda has an impressive 19 years of massage experience and practice. Linda has worked in varied settings and specialties. She has been involved in sports massage, clinic massage, corporate massage both seated and table. She has run her own successful business and in the last few years has been working more closely with pregnant women within a clinic setting. She has also been seeing some great results with her reflexology treatments for her pregnant clients.

As a mum of three children, and a retired state and national level competitive athlete Linda can see the benefits of massage for all. While pre and post-natal massage is a passion of hers, she feels massage is important for the whole family, children included. She believes no matter what age, learning to appreciate and understand our bodies is incredibly important; massage can support us to function at our best.

Linda draws on her years of experience and provides her clients with an educated and holistic treatment, aimed to bring the body back into balance to ensure it functions optimally. Her treatments are restful and thorough. She is strong and can work deeply, yet has an attention to detail within her treatments that we love.

Member: M.A.A



Megan graduated in 2001 from The Perth Academy of Natural Therapies with a Diploma in Remedial Therapies, this training included a diverse range of modalities.

The wonderful skill set Megan has is a unique combination of seventeen years of industry experience, high-level education and her natural holistic abilities. Megan has a wealth of massage experience to draw upon in her practice. She has run her own busy practice and worked in; clinics, corporate massage, mobile massage and pregnancy and post natal massage.

Megan has always enjoyed massaging pregnant women; her intuitive hands are sensitive to the moving and changing of women’s bodies in this transitional time. Her recent training with Suzanne Yates in Advanced Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage Workshop, has awakened a deeper love and understanding for this area of work.

Megan’s experienced hands encourage the client to trust in the experience allowing for deep breathing and letting go. Megan listens and communicates carefully with each client to ensure she is able to provide what their body needs at that time. She remains sensitive to various appropriateness pressures of touch.

When Megan is not massaging she is working in her studio designing fabrics and making clothes, Megan is also studying Textile Design at RMIT in Brunswick, she is loving the balance she has created between her two passions.

Member: A.N.T.A



Melissa is a qualified remedial massage therapist, completing her remedial massage diploma at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne in 2009.

Melissa has worked in the industry since then, and takes pride in the thorough treatments she provides to her clients, utilizing techniques and skills she has acquired through additional training and experience.

Over the years Melissa has developed a real passion to support women in all stages of preconception, pregnancy, post-natal and beyond. In 2012 Melissa chose to specialise further in this area and completed further training with Pregnancy Massage Australia.

In 2015 she completed her Doula training with Dial-a-doula, this training has not only broadened her understandings of a woman’s body physically during pregnancy and labour but has also given her depth of knowledge of the emotional states, making her an understanding and compassionate massage therapist.

She has a naturally strong style, releasing tension with specific remedial techniques, and of course can offer relaxation for those who enjoy a more gentle massage.

Member: M.M.A

Slowly coming back from maternity leave and assisting with reception.