Tips for combating rib pain during pregnancy.

Tips for combating rib pain during Pregnancy.

There are a number of reasons for rib pain during pregnancy, however the main reason, is due to the uterus expanding around your baby as it grows. The uterus grows up towards your ribs and pushes other organs up under the ribs too.
The ribs have the ability to expand to fit everything in, but in doing so there is added strain on the intercostal muscles between each rib — this causes discomfort and pain.

There are a few things you can try to relieve the discomfort:
Good posture — it’s important to create the space by keeping length in your torso. Slouching or hunching over will restrict the space and put more pressure on those poor old intercostal muscles.

Hot or cold compresses — a hot water bottle or wheat pack placed on the sore area can give great pain relief.

Massage — regular massage will relieve and relax the intercostal muscles that are under strain. Massage around the hips and gluteal muscles is also beneficial, as it will create space and allow the baby to drop down into a good position, moving away from those ribs.

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