Gracefully glide through 2019

This year of 2019 is really underway, summer is nearly over, although it is going out with a blast! All our lovely massage therapists are back and well rested after a beautiful summer break, we are all feeling ready to support your massage needs for 2019.

The beginning of the year is always a lovely time to contemplate and dream about how you want your year to unfold. Taking the time to think this through is a wonderful start, however It takes more than just thinking about it to really make it happen. Implementing a support network around you is the key to you accomplishing your goals. You need to feel light, feel the breeze under your wings as you glide with trusted support.

At Qi Rhythm we believe that our massage service can be a lovely part of this network to support you in your endeavours. Making this time to give back to yourself, to restore your energy, to realign your physical body and your emotions is invaluable. When you make space to honour yourself, you essentially cultivate more energy and clearer thoughts, allowing for an ease in moving forward to your goals.

Setting yourself up with regular massage, giving back to yourself for all that you do for your family, your friends, your work is not a luxury it’s a necessity. Qi Rhythm Massage Therapies now offer packages; when you purchase a 10 pack of massages, we will give you a FREE massage, a reward you for taking care of yourself.

Call us on 0417 035 497 for any further enquiries or to purchase a pack or a single massage.