Hospital Partners

Epworth-Freemasons Private Maternity East Melbourne

Qi Rhythm provides massage for women both pre and postnatally within the maternity ward supporting mothers during this time of  growth and transition.

This service is also great for women who are on bed rest prior to delivery or who are experiencing complicated pregnancies. Qi Rhythm works closely with Epworth accredited obstetricians to ensure safe and effective treatments.

We also run weekly Introduction to Infant massage classes in the education room for the families that birth their babies at Epworth-Freemasons.

Jessie Macpherson Private Hospital-Clayton

The Jessie Macpherson Private Hospital is located within the Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne’s outer east. Qi Rhythm is the accredited provider of massage to the maternity ward, working closely with obstetricians and midwives to create holistic and safe pregnancy and postnatal treatments.