Induction Massage

Induction massage helps prepare and support a woman’s body for labour and birth. Throughout this treatment our therapists will work with acupressure points to promote energy and activity. The points help to bring the mother into her body and the baby into a favourable position for birth. When using these points we work to find a safe and comfortable pressure and encourage women to connect with their breath. We also use essential oils to relax and calm the body and help encourage and support labour to begin naturally.

Our techniques work on specific muscle groups to loosen and relax the hips and lower back, releasing these muscles helps to create more space allowing the pelvis structure to open and release. This flexility in turn allows the baby to move further down, Once the baby’s head is applying pressure on the cervix, you have a much greater chance of going into labour naturally. This pressure helps to persuade the cervix to soften, ripen and move forward ready for delivery.

Massage helps your body to produce endorphins and its own oxytocin. Endorphins are often referred to as ‘happy hormones’ and Oxytocin as the ‘love hormone’. These are the hormones your body needs and uses during labour.

After your Induction massage we suggest doing whatever it is you feel your body needs. This might be a walk or maybe a sleep? Try to avoid activities that increase adrenaline, as adrenaline is known to block the production of oxytocin. We have a great success rate with our induction massage, however there are no guarantees that you will go into labour and we may recommend another massage if there are no signs of labour after a couple of days.

1.5 hour