Infant Massage Classes

The experience of a gentle and loving touch is central to building a safe and nurturing relationship between parents and their babies. Touch is such a powerful and profound form of communication, through which we experience and learn love and intimacy, trust and sensitivity.

Babies thrive on physical touch. This ritual of touch is a central part of our everyday experience, teaching the importance of hearing and being heard, of feeling and being felt and is something we take with us throughout our lives. The rhythmic movements of massage help to regulate and improve sleeping patterns, ease discomfort and encourage healthy growth and development. Massage can ease symptoms of colic and gas and help to build a healthy and strong immune system. This time and connection is empowering and relaxing for both parents and their babies.

Introductory Class

Our Introductory classes run over an hour. We cover techniques that soothe, calm and help babies to sleep deeper and longer, creating a time and space where you can really listen to the needs of your baby, helping to establish patterns and lay meaningful foundations. Throughout this hour we concentrate primarily on techniques for the legs and tummy and talk about ways which massage helps to relieve colic and wind.

Full Course

Our full Course is taught over three 1 hour sessions. The sessions can be taken over three consecutive weeks or spaced to suit you and your baby. We offer one-on-one home visits and can also organise small group sessions. Throughout our course we teach a wide range of techniques. By the end of the three weeks parents will be able to give their baby a full body massage. Incorporating massage into your daily routine can help to settle your baby and encourage deeper, more restful sleep. While it helps to ease discomfort, it also works to build a confident and loving relationship between parents and their babies. The three-week course gives parents the chance to ask further questions and revise and correct their techniques, under the gentle guidance of the instructor.

Each 1 hour Session is $110; additional travel fees apply outside of a 10km radius of Melbourne CBD.