Postnatal Massage

Massage, combined with regular exercise, can increase muscular strength and help to stabilise weight, helping to restore your body after birth. While it is common for women to focus on looking after their bodies during pregnancy, it is also important to understand that the pressure the body is under postnatally is huge and deserves care and attention.

During the post natal period, the women’s body is recovering from birth, whether it be a vaginal birth or a more complicated delivery, there is still repair to be done. However during this time she is experiencing less restorative sleep and the body is in full swing providing the babies food and nutrition. It is important to nurture and care for your body during this time. Massage helps to support and tone muscle, encouraging the rest and relaxation the body needs to recover well.

During this time the mother’s centre of gravity is also shifting again and therefore reactivating muscles groups. Weakness of these muscles, combined with more forward bending over and around the baby may create soreness and lower back pain. Lifting, rocking and feeding frequently can also cause muscular tension particularly in the upper body through the arms, neck and shoulders. It is important to work through this tension early on with massage and stretching to avoid further stress to the body that may result in poor postural habits and ongoing headaches.

Our therapists understand the challenges round this time and know what to look out for. Supporting the body with a range of techniques from remedial, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage relaxation and trigger points can help to relieve stress and pain. In the early days after having your baby we continue to use our special belly mat to support your belly and your breasts as they are likely to be a bit tender and sore.

1 hour or 1.5 hour