Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting and wonderful time, a process of emotional and physical growth and transition. Pregnancy massage plays an important role in helping a woman’s body to adjust and embrace these changes. As hormones increase and fluctuate, new muscles work to accommodate a shifting centre of gravity. Pregnancy massage helps to relax and strengthen these muscles, relieving tension and soreness and helping to support, balance and stabilise.

Our practitioners are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable, they draw on a wide range of skills and techniques. Deep tissue massage helps to relieve musculoskeletal tension and improve movement and flexibility. Lymphatic drainage techniques maintain healthy circulation and help to prevent swelling. Our relaxation massage increases the metabolic rate helping to break down food for both mother and her baby.

Pregnancy massage treatments can vary extensively, as we tailor our massages to address the needs of each client. There are common areas of tension and soreness during pregnancy that can include the following; lower/mid back, ribs, hips, pelvic instability, leg cramping, and fluid retention in the hands, legs and feet. All our therapists have wonderful techniques to help relieve these common symptoms, encouraging and supporting you to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage promotes soothing and invigorating properties that help to relieve mothers and in turn their babies.

1 hour or 1.5 hour