Induction Massage

Our popular induction massage explained.

Qi Rhythm’s induction massage has now become very popular as a natural way of encouraging the body to prepare itself for labour. We have obstetricians, private midwives, private and public hospital delivery suite midwives and birth centre midwives, all recommending women who are at term or over to consider an induction massage from Qi Rhythm Massage Therapies. These professionals all have their limits of how long they allow women to go beyond their due date safely. They are experienced and generally have been working in the industry for many years and understand the risks associated with varying gestations. Of course in a perfect world we want all women to go into labour naturally or spontaneously when it is safe to do so, but sometimes a little help is needed. For many women the idea of a medical induction is attached to fear and anxiety, this can cause a great deal of stress within the woman’s body. This stress combined with over thinking the outcomes increases her adrenaline production. Adrenaline unfortunately has been known to suppress oxytocin, oxytocin being the hormone your body needs and uses during labour.

Our induction massages have so many layers of benefits for women. These benefits interweave between the physical benefits of preparing the body, the emotional benefits of calming the nervous system (slowing adrenaline release) and the mental health benefits of reassuring touch.

There are specific focal areas in this massage that we concentrate on, we have some fantastic techniques to release the hips, gluteals and lower back. These muscles are usually holding a lot of tension towards the end of the pregnancy. At this point in the pregnancy it is the perfect time to allow these muscles to let go, creating space within the pelvis. This extra space will allow the baby the room to move further down. When the baby’s head is resting against the cervix it puts pressure on the cervix to start softening, moving forward, and dilating.

Throughout the induction massage we also work some acupressure points. According to Chinese Medicine these points can encourage the energy to move downward in the body, help the uterus to have good strong contractions and support the baby into a favourable birthing position. Supporting and preparing the body to engage in the beginnings of labour, increasing oxytocin and endorphins in the body.

Maintaining your health with regular massage during your pregnancy will also have added benefits. Pregnancy massage will allow your therapist to work on areas of tension as they arise, giving the body the appropriate time to respond and correct itself, without the deadline of a medical induction. This helps to keep your body at its peak and creates a more natural progression towards labour. Getting to know your therapist and feeling more relaxed in her company with each treatment also seems to have a greater success with our induction massage.

Unfortunately though, there are no guarantees that our induction massage will stimulate labour; there can be many reasons why a woman may not go into labour naturally. However in our experience, if you do have to go down the path of a medical induction after having an induction massage with us, your body should be softer, more relaxed, have higher natural oxytocin, lower adrenaline and be more flexible through the hips and pelvis. All this should make the transition into labour an easier process. Perhaps needing less gel or synthetic oxytocin before labour begins.

Our induction massages are 1.5 hours in duration as we have found that this length of time assists in creating a restful space to reflect and encourage the body to let go.

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